Cave Troll
Cave troll

HP: 1500

Exp: 455

Description Edit

Cave trolls are known for their massive bodies and hard skin. They aren't very intelligent creatures, and are often dueling amongst themselves. Although they prefer smashing poor adventurers with their bare fists, it's not uncommon to see a cave troll carrying an oversized club or hurling boulders. If an adventurer happens to meet one, their best bet would be to run away. Otherwise, they might just regret they ever walked into its cave.

Location Edit

Hunting Strategy Edit

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Meat, Large Meat, Spiked Sabre, Plated Helmet, Chainmail Coif, Two-handed Sword, Rough Battleaxe, Grorus's Stone Club, Kite Shield, Spiked Flail, Battle Hammer, Halberd, Plated Hauberk, Bronze Plate Armor, Steel Breastplate, Plated Leather Gloves, Steel Gauntlets