HP: 85

Exp: 65

Description Edit

Goblins are grotesque human-like creatures that live in the caves and hills of Erasan. They gather in clans and hunt for anything to eat, throwing what can be boiled into their blackened pots. Goblins are mischievous by nature and take great pleasure in cruel trickery. Adventurers should take heed when traveling on the hillside roads, one might never know if a goblin ambush awaits!

Location Edit

Goblins can be found in many places throughout Erasan, almost always alongside Orcs. A lone gobline population is known to inhabit the south hills of Greenwood. Others are known to exist in and around the large Orc Fortress in Rhoburn Forest, as well as in North Milthorn and The Korlayra mountain range.

Hunting Strategy Edit

Goblins should be easy for both distance and melee fighters as they have low defence and do not hit too hard.

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Meat, Fish, Bindle Bag, Vial of Health Elixir, Padded Cap, Leather Cap, Fustian Dublet, Wooden Buckler, Reinforced Wooden Buckler, Fustian Leggings, Knife, Baselard, Short Sword, Slingshot, Skull, Goblin Ear, Goblin Hide,