Hill Giant
Hill giant

HP: ?

Exp: 600

Description Edit

Although not very intelligent, Hill Giants are dangerously strong fighters who can crush weak adventurers in their bare hands. Giants adorn their bodies with trinkets and talismans. They love to collect shining objects and metals, hoarding these valuables in their dwellings. Beware when exploring these giant inhabited areas, for they will defend their precious hoard with all their might.

Location Edit


These hulking humanoids usually live alone in the caves and mountain passes. Adventurers speak about one Giant's home in a cave in the Timar mountain range, west of Lake Timar. Another, located in North Milthorn, is known to have killed people getting lost on the way to Tireth and the Wirafal area.

Hunting Strategy Edit

Hill Giants have very high health and defense. It's best to attack them with a blocker and at least one shooter. It is seldom possible to outrun them and shoot at the same time.

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Giant Hide, Giant Battle Helmet, Tower Shield, Greatsword, Broken Giant Greatsword,Troll Hammer, Giant Warclub, Spiked Flail, Stonesplitter Axe, Stonesplitter Battleaxe, Great Obsidian Lance, Flint Tipped Spear, Hatchet