HP: 45

Exp:45 (Lower at level 8 & up)

Description Edit

The Huntsman is a dangerously large member of the spider family. It's known to live in forests, caves and holes, hunting and foraging for food instead of building webs. These fearsome eight-eyed arachnids can easily outpace an inexperienced adventurer. Aided by a keen sight, the huntsman can detect humans or other large animals from some distance. These large spiders are often aggressive and can cling to their enemy, injecting a poisonous bite which drains the victim's health. When in swarms, Huntsman spiders can be deadly predators.

Location Edit

These spiders can be found underground in Greenwood. They can be found both undergound and above ground in the spider caves south of Aylestone and North Milthorn.

Hunting Strategy Edit

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Bone