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Are you an avid Phobos fan and want to contribute to the building of our database and sharing your knowledge with the rest of the PhobosWorld? If you answered "yes" than let us know! We would love to have more people to help contribute their knowledge and information to make this site better and more helpful to new players and veterans alike!

For more information on getting your Adminship please visit the "Adminship Applications" section in the forum.

Thanks, PhobosWorld.

December 18, 2014

Updates So Far..Edit

So far we have updated the items section mostly. In there you can browse through what we have so far of equipment, weapons and tools. Will be adding more as we go and hope that the community will contribute as well.  

We have also added a Creatures section. Please use the Alphabetical one for now.

I've just added the last of the creatures pages to the list.

We need more people to contribute in order to fill those pages up with more info. If you have a bit of time please add any data you have even if it's just the amount of hp or some loot. See Outlaw Hunter for reference of how the pages should look like.If you don't want to add links to the loot I will do that at a later point. Any contribtion helps. Thank you.

*Added a map. You can find it under the Library tab.

Thanks, PhobosWorld.

July 1, 2016

Open BETA Release!Edit

Myth Entertainment has finally released the Open BETA version of Phobos Online! It is available to play right away to everyone. Go to the forums and you will gain access to the BETA server. To do this, visist and go to the forums where you can find information on either submitting an application form for access to the BETA.

June 6, 2016

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