HP: 120

Exp: 120

Description Edit

Skeletons are fearsome undead monsters which can be found in deep dungeons or wandering desecrated areas. The evil force which taints the bones of those long dead is a mystery. Skeletons will gather among all kinds of undead monsters, and together these evil dead seek the destruction of all things living. Adventurers must be moderately skilled to face a pack of skeletons while also keeping an eye out for other monsters which may be lurking in the shadows.

Location Edit

Fornia, Fern Ruins and Korleyra

Hunting Strategy Edit

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Pebbles, Bindle Bag, Vial of Mana Elixir, Vial of Health Elixir, Copper Pickaxe, Bronze Cap, Skull, Leather Shoes, Short Schimitar

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