HP: 220

Exp: 55 (Lower at level 10 & up)

Description Edit

Zombies are part of the hoards of undead creatures which haunt the darkest dungeons of Erasan. Despite their frail appearance and slow movement, they are very strong and resilient fighters, lurking among the shadows and startling their opponents. A pack of zombies can be a fearsome sight to any adventurer, and in many cases it will be their last.

Location Edit

Fornia, Fern Ruins and Korleyra

Hunting Strategy Edit

Because they are slow they are quite easy to kill from afar. If they get too close and bite you the infection will slow you down significantly. Try and stay away.

Loot Edit

Copper Coins, Mysterious Potion, Quiver, Arrows, Splinted Leather Boots, Leather Cap, Studded Leather Leggings, Quarter Staff, Javelin, Haubergeon, Wood Cleaver